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Our Process

Our 7 step repair process insures that your vehicle is inspected and repaired to original factory specs by our trained technicians where our only focus is getting you back on the road safely. We work with all major insurance companies and all of our repairs are backed by our lifetime guarantee.



Estimate & Drop-off

The process of collision repair starts with an inspection of your vehicle that generates an initial estimate. After the vehicle is dropped off and the initial paperwork is completed, we will finalize your estimate.


Disassembly & Ordering Parts

In this step, we perform a teardown of the damage area of the vehicle. Any additional damage found is added as a supplemental estimate for review to the insurance company and the customer. At this time we will start ordering replacement parts.

Car Mechanic

Body Repair


Here our technicians perform necessary body and structural repairs while continuously maintaining quality control inspections. During this step, we restore vehicle to factory specifications and ensure the frame remains structurally sound.


Prep, Paint, & Polish

Preparation, painting, and polishing are all crucial steps in the refinishing process. First we block and prep your vehicle. Next, our expert painters utilize computer technology to find the exact match of your paint based on manufacture codes before applying fresh paint. Then, your vehicle is sanded, buffed, and polished for final panel finish.

Car Front



In the reassembly area, all detail pieces, moldings, lamps, grills, doors, and other parts are assembled onto the vehicle.


Quality Control Inspection & Final Cleaning

Once assembled, quality control inspections are performed on all repairs. Then we will treat your vehicle to a complete wash and vacuum. This final step ensures that your vehicle will look pristine upon delivery and allows us to check the cosmetic repairs one final time.

Sponge Cleaning
New Car Keys



As soon as the repairs are complete, our team will contact you to request vehicle pickup for final inspection and paperwork. Our service advisor will review the repairs with you side by side and hand over your keys. You will leave with our worry-free lifetime warranty, a written promise guaranteeing all our repair work. 

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