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  • I'm in an accident. What should I do?
    Don't panic, do the following: 1. Take pictures of the accident scene including your vehicle. 2. If there is another party involved, exchange insurance information. 3. File a claim with your insurance company. 4. In case you were hit by another vehicle and have their insurance information, then file a claim with their insurance company not yours. 5. Take note of your claim number. After the accident: - It is your right to choose a repair facility of your choice. No one can require you to go to a particular repair shop. - If the car is drivable, bring it to us at your earliest. Otherwise, call us and we can arrange your car to be towed.
  • Who deals with the insurance company?
    After your initial claim is filed and the vehicle is dropped off at our location, we will deal with your insurance company from start to finish. From preparing an estimate, to submitting any subsequent supplements, and handling reimbursements - we've got it covered.
  • What are your service guarantees?
    All of our work comes with lifetime warranty. You're in the best hands in terms of quality of work and level of customer service. Our aim is for you to be completely satisfied with our work - enough to come back and recommend our business to family and friends.
  • Can I get an estimate?
    Yes! We provide free online estimates as a courtesy to our customers. You can submit a form on our estimates page on our website, You can also contact us through the website chat, email, or phone. Estimates are written during business hours. We will try to bet back to you as soon as possible!
  • Is there anything I should do before I visit you in Dallas?
    Yes! Please fill out our work authorization form linked at the bottom of our website to save time when you get here. Thank you.
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